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Populous is a smart contract invoice finance platform on the Ethereum & RSK blockchains. It allows SME owners to upload invoices and based on the Altman Z-Score, Populous does an in-depth credit risk analysis of the borrowers, linked companies and their customers. Once approved, SME owners may get the money to ease cashflow. The flow of funds within Populous uses Pokens, a token pegged one-to-one with fiat currencies. The team is based in London. The flow of funds within the platform is realized by the usage of custom stable currency tokens (Pokens) pegged 1 to 1 with worldwide government’s currencies. Pokens are backed by the funds of investors who deposit funds on the platform to finance invoices. Once invoices are financed by investors, pokens are sent to invoice sellers also known as the borrowers. Pokens can either be exchanged for fiat currency or transferred to an external Ethereum wallet. Pokens inside the platform. The platform manages an internal ledger with the balances of each borrower’s and investor’s accounts for each currency. Pokens outside the platform. Outside the platform we provide a publicly accessible smart contract for each token, implementing the Ethereum ERC 20 token standard (external token contract).