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AERGO aims to develop a new blockchain protocol, with advanced and easy to use developer tools and a state of the art dApp orchestration and deployment framework. AERGO proposes to be a 4th generation “enterprise ready” blockchain protocol combined with a state of the art development platform. It aims to foster a comprehensive ecosystem of complementary dApps, technologies and service providers that leverage secure cloud delivery models. AERGO aims to advance enterprise blockchain by enabling autonomous business and intends to open a new era of mass market usage of blockchain. Through AERGO, it is proposed that businesses can benefit from both public and private blockchain innovation, whilst being able to build, deploy and manage new services. AERGO Chain is a proposed blockchain designed to mitigate issues currently experienced with public blockchains. It aims to include an SQL based smart contract platform as well as advanced features, such a distributed version and concurrency control. AERGO Hub We aim to develop the AERGO Hub, a blockchain hosting service that acts as a the public interface for building, testing deploying and managing independent blockchains based on AERGO Chain. Enriched with tools and supporting services, AERGO Hub seeks to bring to life the AERGO Chain blockchain protocol and supporting services. AERGO Marketplace AERGO Marketplace aims to enable the sale and purchase of peer-to-peer computing assets. Computing assets would include: Storage, Computing Power, Algorithms, Contents, and more. We intend for AERGO Marketplace to be accessed via the AERGO Hub public interface.